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4 Popular Home Window Styles

It is unfathomable to build a home without windows. Can you imagine how life would be inside a house? Windows have several benefits for your home design. They let in natural light, boost the ambiance in the house, improve ventilation, and increase energy efficiency.

For these reasons, you can understand why many property developers and homeowners include many windows in the house. According to Energy Star, a typical American house has up to 22 windows. Since most windows are made of glass, they’re susceptible to cracking. When getting a home window replacement, you’ll want to choose stylish windows that add a touch of elegance to your home.

Consider the following popular window styles for your next home window replacement project.

Double-hung Window

Double-hung windows are a common window style and popular for home window replacement. A double-hung window has two sashes or panels that slide vertically on tracks. The top panel opens while the bottom remains closed. The window closes or opens effortlessly. In addition, they don’t get dirty easily or quickly thanks to their vertical tracks.

Sliding Sash Windows

These windows are similar to double-hung windows, but they only have one sliding sash rather than two sashes. The windows are generally larger than double-hung windows, making them suitable as picture windows. Moreover, they have fewer moving parts that would allow air leakage, making them more energy efficient.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are a type of window that swings outward rather than sliding horizontally. They hinge at the side and are usually used as bay windows and patio doors. They are great for letting sunlight into the house. Also referred to as crank windows, they have an easy-turn handle that folds downwards, making them simple to use. However, they aren’t as energy efficient as sliding sash windows.

Fixed Windows

As the name suggests, fixed windows don’t move at all. This means they can’t be opened or closed. Fixed windows can either be direct sash or set sash. The primary use of fixed windows is to provide gorgeous views in homes with vaulted or high ceilings.

If you’re looking to replace your old windows, you should consider a window style that adds value and functionality to your home. Visit Southwest Door & Sash, Inc today and we’ll help choose a suitable home window replacement that complements your home design.