3 Ways Your Windows Are Wasting Energy Right Now

Did you know your windows could increase your energy bills without your knowledge? Windows are more than an aesthetic role in your home. They’re functional components vital to a home. Discover three ways your windows are wasting energy and what to do about it.

1. Wasteful Heat Transfer Through Poor Insulation

Old and poorly insulated windows allow drafts through the gaps. During winter, you’ll lose heat and your HVAC must work extra to keep the house warm. Similarly, cool air will leak during summer, which will make your air conditioner work harder to keep the house cool. In both of these scenarios, energy is wasted. According to Energy Star, poor installation can cause draftiness and humidity even with certified windows. You should consider home window replacements if yours are old and poorly insulated.

2. Lower Energy Efficiency With Single-Pane Windows

If you use single-pane windows, then you could lose more energy than double or triple-pane ones. Single-pane windows have less insulation capabilities because they consist of a single layer of glass with no gas-filled spaces. The absence of extra layers makes it easy for energy to escape. The reduced insulation causes thermal inefficiencies, which allows heat to escape in winter and more heat to enter during hot summers. The best solution would be to consider home window replacements.

3. Excess Sunlight Due to Inadequate Shading

With additional shading or blinds, your window can be more energy efficient. Even with energy-saving windows, excess sunlight increases the cooling load. When you have little or no shading, the sunlight causes a spike in ambient temperature. Thus, the HVAC systems work extra hard to cool the room, which increases energy waste.

A good solution is to use adjustable blinds because they can block direct sunlight while allowing natural light. Alternatively, you can apply window film, which reduces glare and blocks UV rays. The whole idea is to reduce excess sunlight from entering your spaces without reducing access to natural light.

Your windows should do more than look beautiful. They should keep your energy usage minimal. Home window replacements can give you a fresh just if they are done correctly. At our window company, we believe a good window is a good start, but proper installation is the magic touch that converts waste into savings. Contact us at Southwest Door & Sash, Inc. today, and together we can banish energy waste with proper window installation.